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Based in Southern California, Soaring Vistas Media provides drone film, aerial photography, videography, cinematography and data capture services that elevate your business and leverage the efficiency, effectiveness and actionable intelligence of UAS/UAV platforms.
Potential applications for our highly-stable, custom-built aerial platforms are limited

only by the Client’s imagination. Examples include . . .






The breadth and depth of our experience allows us to employ an extensive array of aircraft, camera, gimbal and sensor configurations, executing a wide range of data-capture missions, including high-resolution aerial images, closed-set filming, photogrammetry, orthomosiacs, point clouds, multispectral and thermal imagery.

FAA Section 333 Exemption No. 15524 with MPTOM
FAA Part 107 Remote Airman Certified
FAA Part 107 Night Operations Waiver No. 107W-2017-03192


Photography with altitude    (but very little attitude) . . .

Soaring Vistas Media is FAA Certified, Legal, Licensed and Insured

Phone: 1-877-7-SKYCAM (1-877-775-9226)

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